Levitra Ads Yanked From TV

Well, this is unfortunate news.  Drug maker GlaxoSmithKline is pulling its TV ads for Levitra.

No more awkward notices about “erections lasting longer than four hours” on the evening news.  No more of those suggestive glances between a couple out for a relaxing hike or enjoying a glass of wine on the back porch of their house (after their grown children have moved out, of course). No more reminders of how a simple pill can add that “spark” back in your relationship when you’d otherwise be worring about your retirement account, your mortgage, or which color of convertible to buy to satisfy your craving for youth.

In all seriousness, Glaxo sees erectile dysfunction as a “legitimate medical condition,” and while they’re committed to their product, they are pulling their direct-to-consumer Levitra ads “to be more respectful of patients.”  Says Dierdre Connelly, president of their North America pharmaceuticals unit, “when we walk into your home through television, we have to do it in a respectful way.”

That’s funny, when my friends walk into my home, they almost always ask me questions about my sex life and ask me indirect questions about whether I’m “ready.”

I have to admit, though, their German advertising is more entertaining:


2 Responses to Levitra Ads Yanked From TV

  1. Anonymous says:

    Maybe they were facing some stiff penalties from the FCC

  2. Jvopcqcm says:

    We work together http://utideapajy.de.tl black child model Adding to and reiterating what another person wrote, yeah, this is Jack Venice. He got a life sentence for raping a girl. He was dating Hannah Hilton (ridiculously hot), too, at the time. He is the reason Hilton got into the industry. Can you believe it? Man, knowing the history of this dude makes this video depressing for me.

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